Eye Catching Banner Walls in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a hub of design, ingenuity and creativity. If you do business or simply enjoy what the area has to offer, you will encounter banner walls or media walls at many an event, expo or exhibition. And if you notice them, then they are certainly doing their job! Banner walls are high-quality portable walls or backdrops that offer prominent advertising opportunities at trade shows, official openings, sports events, press briefings, product launches, fashion shows, shopping malls, exhibitions and so on. These walls make for affordable and convenient advertising, making them a popular choice for many businesses.

Wall Banner Design Guidelines

Printed wall banners are a large format product. We recommend that you use high resolution images of at least 300dpi to ensure high quality printing of your wall banners. Moreover, we recommend putting considerable thought into your design to maximise impact and durability. Your wall banners should always include your company logo and slogan.Don’t forget that wall banners can include enhanced features such as QR codes and uugmented reality.

For the best results, use professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Ensure that your saved artwork file adheres to all the items on our checklist. If you are not comfortable with the respective design software, why not try our professional in-house design services? Great design is crucial, as a poor design can harm the overall impact of your printed banners and brand.

What comes with the wall Banner

Our Services


To get exactly what you need, Signs And Print Shops enables you to customise your wall banners and guarantees you the best quality. You can choose various configurations such as format, materials, refinements, finishes and colour to make your wall banners your own. Your wall banners will also be delivered to you in perfect condition and on time. The best part? Our standard delivery is completely free of charge!



PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It is highly durable and dirt resistant, which makes your wall banners the perfect promotional product for reuse in any event.



Economy Mechanism We provide you with the perfect wall banner mounter frame system. This durable and collapsible mechanism lets you easily carry and assemble your wall banner wherever it is needed.

Banner Wall Printing in Johannesburg

Banner Wall Printing in Johannesburg

Banner Wall Printing in Johannesburg

Take advantage of the advertising potential by incorporating an eye catching and memorable marketing message or image alongside your branding on the media wall. Digital printing technology is used to create a bright appearance that is highly visible and will not easily fall victim to fading. You can typically supply your own artwork to your banner manufacturer or request the professionals in the industry at Sign And Print Shops can assist you with creating artwork that will truly represent your business brand and its principles. It is a good idea to tie your marketing of your media wall in with that of any other advertising items you might be making use of, such as roller banners, bunting and so on.

The Benefits of Banner Walls and Media Walls

  • Banner walls can be set up quickly and without the need for any tools.
  • These walls are lightweight and therefore easily portable.
  • Media walls are manufactured from high-quality and durable materials that will not easily tear, stretch or lose shape.
  • Banner walls are easy to keep clean, as the fabric can be washed down without compromising the print.
  • After use, the banner wall can be folded down and stored in a compact carry case.
  • Banner walls can be printed one sided or double sided depending on your requirements.
  • High-quality digital printing ensures that your printed area remains eye catching for longer and will not fade when exposed to the elements.

Asset Print Offers Top Quality Branded Banner Walls

At Sign And Print Shops in Johannesburg, we supply the national market with a range of options when it comes to top-quality branded banner walls and media walls. We offer state-of-the-art printing services using digital printing technology to ensure that your media wall is one that will be noticed. You can purchase your media wall as a standalone item or we can include it in one of our exhibition packs. To learn more about our banner walls and media walls in Johannesburg, contact us or request a quote at Signs And Print Shops today.

We specialize In...

Ensure that your brand stands out at the next event and order your wall banner with Signs And Print Shops! With a specialist in-house design team with a skilled printing department we are able to produce a final product that suits your needs and will attract potential customers. Wall banners or backdrops are one of the most convenient and professional looking pieces of marketing equipment that you can buy. Signs And Print Shops offers the most competitive wall banner prices in South Africa. Wall banners are the perfect tool to make sure your brand is in the limelight at special occasions, photo shoots, conferences and promotional events. Wall banners really are a versatile and durable instant backdrop solution for any event! Our banners are convenient and high quality, and can be reused over a long period of time. Signs And Print Shops’s printed wall banners come in a convenient carry bag with a stand and they come in various sizes to suit your needs.They are lightweight and easy to assemble, giving your event a professional and eye-catching edge.

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