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Vehicle Wraps and fleet branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service. The cost of vehicle branding and wrapping is a fraction of the cost of TV ads or billboards.

Custom Wraps

Looking for a unique design like a rust wrap, blood splatter or just different colour combinations? Our in-house designers can custom design any theme, look or feel you have in mind for your vehicle to ensure you are one of a kind on the road.

Fleet Branding

One of your most visible and important marketing tools. Mobile advertising space that gets seen by hundreds if not thousands of people on a daily basis. Fleet branding is definitely not a marketing avenue you want to miss out on.

Colour Change

Change the colour of your vehicle with a full wrap colour change, with 100’s of colour options and finishes available to choose from and at a fraction of the cost of respraying. It will feel and look like a new car every time.

Vinyl Decals Johannebsurg

Decals are cut from self-adhesive vinyl (digitally printed or calendared), transferred to a vehicle or any flat surface by the use of application tape. Very durable and effective method to mark your vehicles without breaking the bank.

Wallpaper / Sandblast Vinyl

Sourcing only the best materials available, Custom wraps can transform your home or office with perfectly applied wallpapers to your specific design and requirements. Also, frosted/sandblasted vinyl to give any window a classy look or restrict the view to certain areas like bathrooms or boardrooms.

Cupboard Wraps Johannebsurg

Why pay a fortune for newly built-in cupboards when Custom wraps can design and wrap any theme or finish you wish to cover your existing cupboards. Cost effective way of improving the interior look of your home or office. From Superhero themed wraps for the kids to stylish wood finishes for the folks.

Vehicle Wrapping & Branding Specialists Johannesburg

Vehicle Wrapping & Branding Specialists Johannesburg

Vehicle Wraps and fleet branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service. The cost of vehicle branding and wrapping is a fraction of the cost of TV ads or billboards.

Our high quality, high-resolution vehicle branding delivers excellent marketing exposure and the average wrap should give you a three-year lifespan.

Used for short-term promotions or long-term exposure, your vehicle wrap can be removed after six months or five years without causing damage to the vehicle’s paintwork.


Custom vehicle wraps offer endless options in terms of colours from suppliers all over the world for clients wishing to change the colour of their vehicles, custom designs by our team will ensure your vehicle is one of a kind and you are only limited by your imagination.

We have a team of highly skilled designers for any custom design requirements you may have to ensure your vehicle wrap is unique and attention-grabbing, as well as qualified and experienced applicators to ensure the end product is applied professionally and to industry standards.

Color Change & Graphic Wraps in Johannesburg: What Can I Wrap?

Did you know that vinyl wraps can be used to fully customize more than just cars? Vinyl wraps in Johannesburg can be made to fit on…

  • Recreational vehicles
  • Boats
  • Aircrafts
  • Travel trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Buses
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Windows

…And that’s just a handful of the most common uses! Vinyl wrap technology is truly one of the most versatile and cost effective ways to totally customize nearly any kind of surface.

Vinyl Wraps as Effective Marketing Tools

Vinyl wraps are perhaps one of the most effective advertising tools in terms of cost vs. benefit—for a one time price, you’ll have access to a long-lasting marketing asset. The most common use for vinyl wraps in Johannebsurg is to brand a vehicle with company information. Available in both full wraps (the entire car or truck is covered) or partial wraps (a section such as the door is covered), the product effectively transforms a normal vehicle into a mobile marketing solution. Consider that in major cities a single company vehicle can be seen by nearly 10 million different potential customers. Compared to other forms of advertising, it’s almost impossible to beat the amount of people who see your company information for the affordable price of a car vinyl wrap. At SPS , we offer high quality, totally customizable graphic wraps in Johannebsurg, South Africa. Any image you can think of can be placed onto the wrap and transferred to your vehicle. This is ideal for both commercial and personal uses. Many of our customers are preparing vehicles for auto shows and need something unique to stand out from the crowd. Unlike custom paint jobs, vinyl wraps are completely reversible—not to mention cheaper. When you no longer wish to have the wrap on your car or truck, you can simply remove it. The auto paint underneath will be exactly the same as it was before. While our primary focus is on fully customized vehicle wraps, as we mentioned earlier, vinyl wraps can be made to fit nearly any kind of surface you can imagine. Offices, retail stores, and restaurants use vinyl wraps to place signage indoors, oftentimes a logo, but also to display information (like a menu). Vinyl wraps can be placed on the walls, floor, windows, and even the ceiling. There really is no limit to what a vinyl wrap can be used for. Is it really any wonder why this eye-catching, durable, and long-lasting form of advertising has become so popular among Gauteng businesses in recent years?

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