Printing Specials in Johannesburg

Not only do we offer some of the most competitive Print Promotions in the country, but we also provide door to door delivery of our quality printed products to clients in Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa. That’s right, thanks to our online print store we are able to offer Print Promotions and Printing Deals to clients as far afield as Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

The Values of Asset Print

Our hallmark is service excellence, from quality to cost, we aim to provide our customers with business solutions that enhance their image and suit their pockets. In addition we believe in upfront transparency and all our quotes are free of hidden costs. Our quest is to become the best digital printing company in South Africa. With this goal firmly in our sights, we take full accountability for all our client’s work and are hungry to meet any challenges that come our way.

Printing Specialist In Johannesburg

Are you looking to advertise your business cheaply and effectively? Or maybe you simply need to print conference packages or menus? No matter what your printing needs, we at Asset Print can cater to your every demand thanks to our regular Printing Specials in Johannesburg and on our Online Print Store. In fact, due to our online printing store you can enjoy our affordable quality printing no matter where in South Africa you are! So what are you waiting for, take advantage of our great Printing Specials TODAY!

Get More Printing for Less!

If you would like to find out more about our current Print Specials on offer then please click on the print special images at the top of this page. If however there is not a deal on this page that covers your specific needs, then please don’t do hesitate to contact us about your individual needs and available print budget. After all, we are always here to help you make the most out of our quality Signs And Print Shops, Printing Specials, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sameday Lithographic Printing in Johannesburg

Lithographic Printing in Johannesburg

 Here at Asset print we are able to meet all your Litho printing demands including anything from full colour, high gloss marketing material to one colour street signs. This is thanks to our well priced high-quality, quick turn-around lithographic printing service based in Cape Town, South Africa . We even have eco friendly litho printing options that includes the use of recycled paper and environmentally friendly lithographic inks.
Please feel free to contact us regarding all of your Lithographic printing needs.
The Lithographic Printing Process
Lithographic printing, also called Litho Printing is best suited to medium to large sized print runs of any sort of high volume materials such as brochures, maps and business cards to posters, office stationery, books and newsletters. In fact lithography is the printing method of choice for all high volume text printing industries.
Lithographic printing uses plastic plates that are rendered with a negative photographic image of the artwork/ text in question. The emulsion that the image is rendered in is oil-based. This plate is then affixed to a press where two sets of rollers apply water and ink to the plate. The image emulsion absorbs the ink and repels the water.
The plate is then applied to a rubber-surfaced blanket which then absorbs the ink and squeezes off the water. From the rubber blanket the image is transferred to the paper or material on which the printing is required.
Modern Lithographic Printing
With the introduction of desktop publishing it is now possible for type and images to be easily modified on PC or Mac. This is thanks to the use of modern digital imagesetters that allow us here at Asset Print to skip the intermediate printing step of photographing the page layout and use computer to plate printing. This speeds up the printing process and allows us to make even the tightest print deadlines. Get a Quote from us today.

Why Choose Flyer Printing Services from Sign And Print Shops?

You name it and there is a good chance that we can print it! This means that almost any type of flyers can be ordered from us and in conjunction with effective graphic design and flyer copy, which we can supply at a small additional cost, we know that you will get people talking about the products, services and business opportunities that you have to offer. To add to this here at Asset Print our printing turnaround times are super-fast and we pride ourselves on our exceptionally efficient service. And when you add our highly competitive flyer prices into the mix, you know that you are getting one of the best possibly flyer printing deals around.

We specialize In...

Digital printing is the ideal solution for both small business and commercial print jobs. It is quite literally the process of transferring digital images onto the surface of your choice such as paper, vinyl, fabric and PVC. State-of-the-art technology saves you time and money through increased efficiency and the elimination of costly, time-consuming processes that characterise traditional printing methods such as lithographic printing. Short run digital printing allows us to offer more affordable prices, superior quality in smaller quantities at record-breaking turnaround times.

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