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Signs do two things: Communicate and Inform. Good design is a bonus. We’ve all seen them. Badly designed signs on storefronts, banners, and vehicles. These bad signs remind us that having a vinyl cutter or digital printer doesn’t instantly make someone a professional sign maker. At Sign and Print Shops, we believe strongly that your success is our success. Helping you succeed is our job, our profession, and our passion. To succeed in the sign business, you need to build repeat business. To do that you need to create graphics that produce value for your customer by communicating effectively. To help you do that, we present A Basic Guide to Sign Design. There is no way we can cover all the sign and graphics design topics, and many of these explanations are oversimplified, but maybe this can give you enough information to get you pointed in the right direction. The most common mistakes newcomers to signage & graphics make result in poor legibility. These include bad kerning, poor colour choices, too many fonts, and insufficient contrast. All of these add up to a sign that takes too much time and work to read. My pet peeve is seeing signs with yellow letters on a white background. Who can read that? Remember that most signs are seen as people pass by, often at high speed and distance. A sign design can look great on your monitor, stunning on the sign blank, but be utterly worthless from across the street.
Let us sign your business/brand to success …
* Corporate Signage
* Fleet & Vehicle Branding
* Neon designs
* Illuminated Signs
* Metal / Perspex Letters
* Metal / Perspex * Fabrication
* Fibreglass Fabrication
* Display & Promotional Products
* Digital Printing
* Flexface / Heat Transfer
* Rental Or Cash Sales
* Nationwide Installations
* Complete Signage Maintenance
* Signage Audits and Feasibility Studies
* Magazine Design & Distribution
* Complete Brand Solutions

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The Signage Process

In order to best achieve the required results in terms of the Re-Imaging Programme, we ensure that, prior to proceeding with any work of any nature for major clients, we survey all branches throughout Southern Africa to ascertain exactly what the signage requirements are, and having completed the survey, produce artwork for each individual site for discussion with the client.
This interaction with the client is critical, in terms of both the client and ourselves understanding exactly what the signage requirements are, and, more importantly, ensuring that which is agreed to between the client and ourselves is, in fact, the signage that is
produced for each individual site, so that, once completed, the client is presented with a photograph for the client’s records, and also to compare against the original artwork presented to the client, to show that the signage manufactured is as originally agreed to
between the two parties.
Consultation & Quote
Identify client needs and match to services and explore options to suit our client’s budget and vision.
Design & Documentation
Graphic design, 3D & technical drawings, council submissions, shopfronts & elevations, montages.
Signage Production
Complete in-house fabrication, molding & neon facilities, in-house digital print center.
Integrated Installation
From integrated construction activities to staggered national roll-out implementation timelines.
Maintenance & Service
Protecting signage assets against the elements and prolonging the life and integrity of your signage

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Illuminated Signage – Neon vs LED

When you’re looking to add illuminated signage to advertise your business, a big question immediately arises: Should you choose neon or LED display signs? While we may be a bit biased, the honest truth is that LED is superior to neon in most ways. So, here’s a quick rundown of the virtues of both neon and LED display signs, if you want a quick reference guide.

The Benefits of Neon Signs

The critical importance of this is that we are able to ensure high-quality standards,
particularly when these units are going to be shipped out of the country, and as they are
under guarantee for a period of time, we need to ensure that the highest standards of
quality units are produced.

Neon has a long history, having been used for nearly a century.  As an established technology, it’s reliable. You know what you’re going to get from it.  It’s everywhere, all over the world, and finding dealers and servicers for neon signs is extremely easy in virtually any city worldwide.

Additionally, many believe that neon light is more aesthetically pleasing. It gives off a much “warmer” light than LED lights do. Plus, thanks to its association with the Art Deco movement and countless films showing drizzly, neon-drenched city streets, it does have an undeniable romance to it.

Unfortunately for neon, that’s about all it has going for it these days.

The Benefits of LED Display Signs

  • Price: The initial prices are roughly comparable, although LEDs tend to be around 10% cheaper to purchase.
  • Reusability: Once you get a neon sign, there’s no changing it. LED displays can be updated as often as you like, with whatever messages you like.
  • Power usage: LED displays use between 5 and 10 times less power than a comparable neon sign, leading to significant long-term cost savings.
  • Maintenance: Neon tubes have to have their gasses periodically refilled, something that is best left to a (costly) professional. LED signs require virtually no maintenance and can last up to around a decade before needing to be replaced.
  • Environmentalism: Neon signs are easily broken, being made of glass, and contain noxious gasses, which leak out. LED does not have this problem.  Adaptive LED displays are also made in the USA, in Wisconsin.
  • Brightness: LED displays are far brighter than neon. They can be seen from further away, even in broad daylight.

In short, if versatility and cost-effectiveness are priorities to you, LED display signs are the clear winner. There are some specific uses that still favor neon, but overall, LED is the all-around superior choice.