Business Cards

Business cards are still one of the most important ways to get your business seen, the humble business card is still one of the most valuable marketing and networking tools we have at our disposal. It is just the simplicity of it. They are fantastic conversation starters, they are targeted marketing, they are “here’s my number and email” when you know you’re not going to find a pen and paper lying around. They simply haven’t been improved upon since they were first introduced a few hundred years ago… well, the designs have.

Our business cards are available on 350gsm or 450gsm silk coated paper stock and finished with a gloss, soft touch or matt lamination (or no lamination). We also produce a range of uncoated business cards, available in 350gsm uncoated, 350gsm 100% recycled, uncoated paper stock and 320gsm conqueror cream paper stock. They are all beautiful, and there is a finish for everyone.

Standard business card sizes

What is the standard business card size in the UK? 85 x 55mm if you want to get an idea how big that it, and to shed light on why it’s that size, simply pull out a credit card. The standard business card size is the standard, simply because it dint’s perfectly into wallets designed for credit and debit cards. Simple, logical and helpful. So when you are out and about, you know that if you and your customers have a wallet, then you’ll be able to easy carry a few spare cards with you wherever you go.

Square business cards size

The square cards we produce a 55 x 55mm. This means it is the same size as a standard business card along the shortest side (Check the image above for comparisons between business card sizes). The square business card is great when you want to make a square statement. Great for “Instamatic’ camera styles, or the original Instagram style square photos or designs.

Mini business cards size

Along the shoreline. The mini business card is the same size as the standard card along the longest edge and almost half the width of a standard card along with its short edge. So this is a very thin business card. It is grey for an ultra-wide-screen or panoramic effect to your card designs. These styles work well as portrait or landscape orientation, for a slightly different look, which can be quite appealing for its novelty.